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Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue
Rose Rhapsody in Blue

Rose 'Rhapsody in Blue'

'Rose of the Year' winner
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1 x Bare Root
Item: 530065
1 x 3L Pot
Item: 530182
1 x Bare Root - Item: 530065
ONLY £19.99
  • Large flowers in a completely unique shade of blueish-purple really standout
  • Plant this gorgeous old fashioned rose plant as a beautiful statement in your garden
  • Previous winner of 'Rose of the Year' - a must-have for gardeners of all abilities
  • Fantastically versatile! Plant in most garden scenarios, from pots and containers to beds and borders
  • Supplied as a freshly lifted, bare root rose plant, ready for planting
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Product Information

 If you want a rose that is unique and truly special, then 'Rhapsody in Blue' is the one for you!

This is an old-fashioned shrub rose with large, semi-double flowers. Each bloom is sure to standout as they grow in an array of blue to purple shades, opening fully to reveal yellow stamens.

Flowers are borne in clusters against rich green foliage, while the long flowering period of this rose means you can enjoy them for even longer, in fact beautiful blooms can be seen for months! What’s more, this stunning variety has a wonderful perfume that will delight all as it fills the garden! 

A proud winner of the coveted and prestigious 'Rose of the Year' gong, in 2003. Although it is not surprising that this beauty remains just as popular today!

Supplied as a bare root rose, ready for planting.

What Is Supplied

Item 530065 supplied as:
Supplied as a freshly lifted bare root rose, ready to plant.


  • The amount of growth on potted roses will vary at different times of year, depending on when they are potted.
  • Potted roses will be freshly potted from November to February, so are not fully rooted through.
  • They will have new shoots beginning in March and April.
  • They will be in leaf and then buds May and June.
  • They will be in flower June and July.
  • From August onwards they may be trimmed back, ready to plant and burst back into life the next season.
  • From the end of September your rose has received its trim which will help it to have stronger roots and better form next year.
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