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Raspberry Plants

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You do not have to pay expensive shop prices for bland-tasting raspberries or blackberries: you can grow delicious fruits extremely cheaply at home! Check out the range of raspberry canes and blackberry plants here to get started.

Grow Your Own Raspberries
We are associated with Europe's largest and leading raspberry canes producer. The plants are grown on the sandy fens of Norfolk and are the best quality you can buy.

Grow your own raspberry bushes and you will enjoy bountiful crops of fresh, sweet, succulent fruits from summer to late autumn. They are low maintenance yet very rewarding. Raspberry canes can be grown in rows, propped up against walls and fences, or on the patio in large pots.

You will be able to plant our raspberry plants this spring and pick fruit this year, with a yield of up to 500g per cane. Raspberry long canes will give at least double that each season thereafter.

Top raspberry cane pruning tip: Cut down any raspberry canes that have already fruited in November, leaving long canes for the following year's bigger crops. Summer-fruiting varieties crop in July on last year's growth, so when their season finishes, cut down the fruiting stems. New shoots will soon emerge, and next year's fruit will be produced on these one-year-old, ripened canes. If you would appreciate fresh raspberries over a longer season, grow at least one summer and one autumn variety of raspberry bushes.

Grow Your Own Blackberries
Blackberry plants are easy to grow in any type of soil, and are tasty and juicy. These vitamin-rich fruits are also good for your health and are great to add to juices and smoothies.

You can pick blackberries and eat them immediately, but if you can resist eating them all at once, you can make jams, pies, crumbles, cakes or even wine and vinegar. One berry bush can produce about 10lbs of fruit.

Top pruning tip: Spring is the best time for pruning blackberry bushes. The canes usually grow one season, produce fruit the next season, then die. Once the canes have fruited and died, they should be cut back to just above the ground.

Raspberry and blackberry plants are self-fertile and will have good fruit production as a single plant. However, if a second variety is planted nearby, fruit production will improve. Don't forget that we also stock strawberry plants!

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